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JauntePE – Make Portable Apps

Make your Non Portable Apps Portable: JauntePE is a Freeware tool created by Redllar that can be used to essentially Make Portable Apps. It works by attempting to convert conventional applications into portable applications that can be taken with you and used on any PC. JauntePE is easy to work with, and contains help menus for just about everything.

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Innounp – The Inno Setup Unpacker

Innounp is a command line setup unpacker. It allows a user to unpack a program without installing the program on the Windows PC. Innounp can be used to extract application files directly from an .exe file that was created using the Inno Setup Installer. It's a great way to begin making portable applications from Inno Setup created executable installers.

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Universal Extractor – Extract Files from any type of archive

Universal Extractor

Universal Extractor is an awesome portable tool that allows it's user to extract files from just about any type of archive. This all-in-one utility that can extract files from all sorts of archives, including .EXE, .ISO, .MSI, .ZIP, .RAR, .LZH, .ARJ and more. It's a great way to extract files from programs and applications without actually installing or using an installer.

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