Magic Transfer

Magic Transfer is a Free PC Transfer utility that enables you to synchronize your personal settings and information across multiple computers. Synchronize and transfer the settings of your operating system and applications. I.E. System Menu, Mouse and Keyboard Settings, Email Client, Bookmarks, Start Menu, Quick Launch Buttons, Desktop Shortcuts, Appearance Settings, Wallpaper and more.

Magic Transfer – PC Transfer

Transfer your settings from one computer to another!

Magic Transfer

Authors Website: Abandoned Project?

License: Freeware

How to make Magic Transfer Portable:

  1. Download Magic Transfer to your desktop
  2. Download Universal Extractor and unRaR it's contents to a folder on your desktop
  3. (1) Drag and Drop magictransfer.exe onto UniExtract.exe (2) Click OK Using Universal Extractor to make a Portable Magic Transfer
  4. Move the magictransfer folder from your desktop to your USB device
  5. Click MagicTransfer.exe from the {app} folder to run the program

More information about the Universal Extractor can be found HERE

Some Antivirus Programs will trigger a false positve stating that the Universal Extractor contains a Worm. Please see the authors post for details.

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