a-squared HiJackFree is an informative system analysis tool that advanced users and administrators can use to help detect and then remove all types of HiJackers, Spyware, Adware, Trojans and Worms. It can be used to manage autoruns, processes and associated modules, control Browser Plugins, and view all DNS entries. This System Process tool requires 4.4MB of free disk space for installation.

HiJackFree Screenshot:

HiJackFree Screenshot

Authors Website: hijackfree.com/en

License: Freeware (For private use)

Download: Get HiJackFree HERE

Making HiJack Free run Portably:

  1. Run the executable and set the install path to your USB device and click Next
  2. Check the box that says Don't create a Start Menu folder and click Next
  3. Ensure that create a desktop icon and create a quick launch icon boxes are not checked and click Next
  4. Click Install to complete the installation

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