Access Linux Files from Windows – Linux Reader

Disk Internals Linux Reader enables a user to directly Access Linux Files from within Windows. With the Linux Reader, you can browse your Ext2 or Ext3 Linux file system partitions via a familiar explorer type window and access, view, read or even extract files from the Linux partition to your Windows partition. The tool functions in read-only mode and does not allow you to write back to the Ext2 or Ext3 Linux partitions.

Linux Reader – Accessing a Linux File System Partition

Linux Reader - Access Linux Partitions from Windows

Extracted Size: 3.96MB

Authors Website:

License: Freeware

How to make Linux Reader Portable

  1. Download DiskInternals Linux_Reader.exe to your Desktop
  2. Download Universal Extractor and unRaR it's contents to a folder on your desktop
  3. (1) Drag and Drop Linux_Reader.exe onto UniExtract.exe (2) Click OK Using Universal Extractor to make a Portable Software
  4. Move the Linux_Reader folder from your desktop to your USB device
  5. Click LinuxReader.exe from the Linux_Reader folder to run the program

More information about the Universal Extractor can be found HERE

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